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Effect of Sociodemographic Factors, Cancer, Psychiatric Disorder on Suicide: Gender and Age-specific Patterns.
Jae Young Park, Ki Tae Moon, Yoo Mi Chae, Sang Hyuk Jung
J Prev Med Public Health. 2008;41(1):51-60.
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We examined the effect of sociodemographic factors, cancer, and psychiatric disorders on suicide by gender and age-specific patterns in South Korea. METHODS: The study is a case-control study. Claim data was obtained from the national health insurance database and national death registration database. The number of people who committed suicide was 11,523, which was matched with a control group consisting of ten times as many people at 115,230 selected from the national health insurance and medical aids beneficiaries. The medical utilization of the case group was one year before death and that of the control group was from July 1,2003 to June 30, 2004. Four variables-address, economic status, presence of a psychiatric disease, and cancer-were used in multiple logistic regression analyses. RESULTS: Living in cities or in rural areas showed a greater risk for suicide than living in a metropolitan city. Low economic status, the presence of a psychiatric disorder, and cancer were also statistically meaningful risk factors for suicide. The three major psychiatric diseases, schizophrenia, alcohol abuse, and bipolar disorder, were meaningful in all age groups, but the scale of the odds ratio differed by the age group. Only the psychiatric disorder variable was meaningful in the adolescent group, whereas a psychiatric disorder and economic status were meaningful for the young adult group, and all variables were meaningful for the middle-aged group. A psychiatric disorder and cancer were meaningful in the elderly group, economic status was meaningful for male subjects, and address was meaningful for female subjects. CONCLSIONS: Factors such as living in city or rural areas, low economic status, the presence of a psychiatric disorder, and cancer were statistically meaningful risk factors in suicide. These factors also differed by age group. Therefore, policymakers should establish policies for suicide prevention that are relevant for each age group.


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An Experimental Study on the Protective Effects of Ginseng Extract to Oxygen Toxicity.
Jae Young Park, Sang Il Lee, Dork Ro Yun
Korean J Prev Med. 1989;22(2):208-214.
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AbstractAbstract PDF
The protective effects of Panax Ginseng extract to oxygen toxicity of mice were studied under 5 ATA hyperbaric oxygen atmosphere. The findings observed are as follows: 1) Administration of Ginseng water extract manifested the prolonging survival time of mice to oxygen toxicity by hyperbaric oxygen atmosphere. After 18 hours of single Ginseng water extract administration and three days, seven days of consecutive Ginseng water extract administration showed the protective effect against oxygen toxicity. 2) Three days and seven days of consecutive Ginseng water extract administration showed the more efficient protective effect than single Ginseng Water extract administration. 3) Seven days of consecutive Ginseng water extract administration did not showed the more efficient protective effect than three days of consecutive Ginseng water extract administration.

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