Original Article
Korean J Prev Med. 1975; 8(1): 7-14.
The Bactericidal Activity of Serum of Leprosy Patients.
Kyu Bong Kim
The bactericidal activity of 96 sera, to Staphylococci and E.coli, of leprosy patients classified as sever, mild, and negative grade by bacterial index was investigated. The results obtained were as follows; The killing activity to E. coli, in general, was stronger than that to Staphylococci. The bactericidal activity of serum was variable by serum itself, and these variations were more remarkablh in Ei coli than in Staphylococci. In case to E. coli, the higher bactericidal activity was observed in the serum of mild and negative grade patients rather than sever, while no relationship was found between activity and disease grade in Staphylococci. The per oral administration of DDS and Lampren did not give any influence to the bactericidal activity of serum.