Original Article
Korean J Prev Med. 2000; 33(2): 157-164.
Blood Lead, Manganese, Aluminium and Silicon Concentrations in Korean Adults.
Jung Man Kim, Jung Mo Ahn, Won Sul Kim, Jung Il Kim, Hai Rim Shin, Kap Yeol Jung, and Joon Youn Kim
1Department of Preventive Medicine, College of Medicine and Industrial Medicine Research Institute, Dong-A University.
2Department of Health Care, Handong University Sunlin Presbyterian Hospital.
3Department of Occupational Medicine, College of Medicine, Dong-A University.
OBJECTIVES: This study was performed to determine the reference values of blood lead, manganese, aluminium, and silicon in healthy adults. METHODS: The subjects were 132 (67 male and 65 female), and classified to three age groups (< or =39, 40~49, and 50< or =). Blood lead, manganese and aluminium were analyzed by atomic absorption spectrophotometer, and blood silicon was analyzed by direct current plasma optical emission spectrometer. RESULTS: Blood lead levels(geometric mean, S.D) were (3.49, 1.70) microgram/dL in male and (3.04, 1.65) microgram/dL in female, but the difference is not significant, and there was no significant difference between age groups. Mean blood manganese level was 0.99+/-0.41 microgram/dL, and there was no significant difference between sex or age groups. Mean blood aluminium level was 0.59+/-0.35 microgram/dL, and there was no significant difference between sex or age groups. Mean blood silicon level was 54.41+/-27.64 microgram/dL in male and 43.34+/- 23.51 microgram/dL in female, and the level in male was significantly higher than that in female (p<0.05). There was significant difference between age groups, and the oldest showed the highest level in male (p<0.05), but no significant difference between age groups in female. CONCLUSIONS: Authors hope that this study would provide basic data for determining reference values and evaluating health effects.
Keywords : Lead;Manganese;Aluminium;Silicon;Blood concentration