Original Article
Korean J Prev Med. 1990; 23(2): 201-206.
An Estimation of Carbamate Pesticide Exposure in a Rural Area: A pilot study using personal sampler and gas chromatography.
Byung Hae Kim, Yong Sik Kim, and Jin Su Choi
Department of Preventive Medicine, Chonnam National University Medical School, Korea.
The exposures to carbamate pesticides (BPMC specifically) of agricultural workers were estimated by collecting pesticide in air by personal sampler and by analyzing with gas chromatography. Data revealed that the highest BPMC concentration in the aspirated air was 7.7 mg/m3. Concentrations were generally higher in the group whose spray conditions were controlled than the group uncontrolled. Actual concentrations were relatively lower than the values predicted theoretically. These findings suggest that personal sampler be useful in the estimation of pesticide exposure.
Keywords : Carbamate Pesticide;Personal Sampler;Gas Chromatography;Rural Health