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Original Article A Study on Service Characteristics of Directors of Health Centers in Korea.
Jae Won Yoo, Ok Ryun Moon, Sang Yi Lee, Chul Woung Kim, Sang Gu Yi
Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health 1998;31(4):786-800
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Deapartment of Health Policy and Adminstration School of Public Health, Seoul National University, Korea.

This study has attempted to show general characteristics of health centre directors who have served the post of directorship during the last 40 years. Of 3,000 such health centre directors, information on about 2,500 directors was collected. While average length of service for health center directors has increased, that of vacancy period has decreased. Rural areas have a shorter average length of service than the urban area. Rural areas have twice longer length of vacancy period per health center. Kangwon-do has the longest average length of vacancy period since 1980(2.79 months/year), and Daejeon has the shortest length of vacancy period(0.21 months/year). Chung-buk has no physician directors. The civil servant's rank for the directorship has promoted from the fifth level to the fourth level since 1990. A comparison between the physician director and non-physician director was made as follows : First, the proportion of physician directors had maintained rather high before 1980s ; 62.5% in 1963, 78.3% in 1970, 70.4% in 1980. It decreased to 44.1% in 1990 and 47.6% in 1997. Instead, non-physician directors has abruptly increased since 1980s(12.4% in 1980, 55.4% in 1990 and 50.8% in 1997). Second, physician directors mainly locate in the urban area(58.0% in 1997), but non-physician directors mainly in the rural area(67.2% in 1997). Third, since 1980, the average length of service for physician directors and for non-physician directors has become similar. Fourth, the mean age of physician directors is 45.1 years, and that of non-physician directors 55.7 years. The latter is 10 years older than the former.

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