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Original Article A Study on the Physical Growth and Health Status of the Freshmen in a Private University.
Yang Won Park, Pyong Kap Lee, Soon Ypung Park, Hyong Suk Kim, Jae Myung Kim
Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health 1972;5(1):97-104
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For the purpose of ascertaining the status of physical growth and health status of the University students, an intensive survey was conducted by the authors towards a total of 1,250 (Male 792, Female 458) who passed the written entrance examination at the Kyung Hee University in 1972. The items included the measurements on physical growth, various physical and nutritional indices, status of visual distourbance, dental status and tuberculosis. The findings and results can be summarized as follows ; 1. Physical Growth and Development. i) The average of body height by anthropometric was 169.39+/-5.05cm in male and 157.45+/-4.43cm in female. ii) The averages of body weight by sex were 59.42+/-6.47Kg and 51.81+/-5.21Kg, respectively. iii) The averages of chest-girth were 87.18+/-5.30cm and 80.51+/-4.53cm. iv) The averages of sitting-height were 92.21+/-2.79cm and 86.28+/-2.57cm. In all cases the male measurements were higher than female. 2. Various ludices about Physical Growth and Development; i) Relative body weight by sex were 35.08and 32.91, relative chestgirth 51.47 and 51.13, and relative sitting-height 54.43, 54.79, respectively. ii) Rohrer index was 1.222 in males and 1.327 in females, Kaup index 2.071 and 2.089, Verveck index 86.54 and 84.04, and Pelidisi index 91.15 and 93.08, respectively. 3. Status of visual distourbance. The vision of the students under 0.8 with Landolt's testing chart was 45.4% in left eye and 46.6% in right eye (male : 44.4% and 45.7%, female : 47.2% and 48.0%), while under 0.6in both visions was 41.0% and 40.5% (male 40.8% and 40.7%, female : 41.5% and 40.2%),respectively. 4. Dental Status. Out of total 19.4% (male 19.2%, female 19.6%) had gingivitis, the female incidence rate of gingivitis was higher than male. Average number of teeth in each subjects was 29.6 teeth; male had 29.9 teeth and female had 29.1 teeth. The caries rate was 78.9%(male 75.6%, female 84.5%), the female caries rate was higher than male. The average number of i) Caries per tooth rate was 8.5% in male and 9.2% in female, ii) Missing per tooth rate was 0.3% and 0.2%, iii) Filling per tooth rate was 3.9% and 4.2%, in all cases, the female incidences were higher than the male. The average number of D.M.F. was 3.8 teeth in male and 4.0 teeth in female, female was higher than male. The average rate of D.M.F. was 12.7% in male and 13.7 in female, female was higher than male. 5. Pulmonary infiltration. Among the total, 53 students were diagnosed as pulmonary infiltration (tuberculosis), of whom 51 were minimal cases, one were moderately advanced case and one were far advanced case.

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JPMPH : Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health